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Privacy Policy

At Testimoniacs, we value the privacy and private information of our customers. By joining the platform, you confirm that you are aware of the following privacy policies.

What information does the platform collect?

  1. Your registration information. When you register to the platform, you provide us with your email address and password or social account (Google+, Facebook, Linkedin).
  2. Your social media information. When you sign up to Testimoniacs with a social account or link your other social accounts to Testimoniacs, you provide us with all information you chose to disclose on your corresponding social media accounts: name, age, location, etc.
  3. Your business information. When you place an order, you specify the name of your business and provide us with all information about it, which you chose to disclose on Yelp, Foursquare, TripAdvisor, Google+ (location, description, etc.)
  4. Testimoniacs does not get access to your credit card information. All payments are made via 2checkout online payment system. Your credit card information is, therefore, subject to 2checkout policies.

What does Testimoniacs do with this information?

  1. All information, obtained from our clients, is used for internal purposes only.
  2. Your business information is used in the order details, displayed to potentially interested experts.
  3. Testimoniacs reserves the right to use the information, obtained from clients, for internal purposes, such as: improving customer service, creating marketing offers, notifying clients about special offers, etc.

Does the platform share the information with third parties?

  1. Testimoniacs shall not disclose the information, obtained from clients, with any third parties, unless required to do so by law or subpoena.
  2. No personal information, obtained from the client, is shared by Testimoniacs with the expert.
  3. By placing an order, you agree to make your business information available to all experts, potentially interested in that order.