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Help and FAQs

What is Testimoniacs?

Testimoniacs is a unique web resource, allowing contractors to earn money by writing reviews, and customers to promote their company on the Internet and in real life, using testimonials from real people.

How is Testimoniacs different from other comment exchanges?

In our service, New York and New York suburbs residents write about places in New York. The residents of Minneapolis write about businesses in their region. We make sure the author of every review is not a novice in their area of knowledge. Also, they are real people, who can be found on social media, which enhances the credibility of the review.

How many orders can I place at the same time?

You can place as many orders as your service plan can cover. For example, with an Elephant plan, you can place 15 orders 1 testimonial per each, or 3 orders (5 testimonials each), etc.

How soon will I get my review?

It can take up to a month for us to locate an expert, have them use your service, write a review and post it on your website of choice.

Do you guarantee my review will be positive?

While we encourage our reviewers to be positive and not overly judgemental, it would be against the idea of our platform to make them write only positive reviews. We do guarantee the reviews you get will be unbiased, and any negative comment will be supported by photo/video materials.

What is the minimal expert discount I can offer?

The size of the discount and the services it applies to is up to you. However, remember that the discount is an important factor, enticing experts to take up your order.